Name: National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Draft Years: 1969

Amendment Years: 1970

Legislation: National

Agency Responsible: EPA

How has NEPA positively impacted the health of our planet?

NEPA helps stop carelessness. It also has people pass a environmental impact statement before working on government land. The environmental impact statement is when the agency or corporation doing construction on the land has to make a positive impact on the land they are doing the construction work on.


Why was NEPA needed and what does NEPA do?

The National Environmental Policy Act is an United states environmental law established in 1970 to consolidate an agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection. NEPA also established a U.S. national policy promoting the enhancement of the environment and the President's council on environmental quality (CEQ). NEPA requires federal agencies to integrate environmental values into their decision making processes by considering the environmental impacts of their proposed actions and reasonable alternatives to those actions. To meet NEPA requirements, federal agencies prepare a detailed statement known as an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). EPA reviews and comments on EISs prepared by other federal agencies, maintains a national filing system for all EISs, and assures that its own actions comply with NEPA.The law has since been applied to any government project, federal, state or local, that involves federal funding or work performed by the federal government and has helped stop carelessness.