The Clean Air Act

Drafted Year
: 1955
Amendment Year/s: 1963, 1965, 1970, 1977, 1990


This legislation modified and extended federal legal authority provided by the earlier Clean Air Acts of 1963 and 1970.

Why is the law needed?
The law is needed to protect and improve the nations air quality and stratospheric ozone layer. The main reason for the creation of this law is to control and prevent air pollution. Air pollution is a growing problem in modern day society with the building of new factories, and lack of care from humankind.

The law also established and authorized research into techniques for monitoring and controlling air pollution.


What does the law do?
This law makes sure that all Americans have air that is safe to breathe. Also Public health is a primary goal. This law also seeks to protect our environment form the damage caused by our pollution.

How has the legislation positively impacted the health of our planet?
This act has been very sucessfull. The air has been cleaner and the publics health has improved. Toxics in the air has dropped 98 percent, Sulfur Dioxide has dropped 35 percent, and Carbon Monoxide has dropped 32 percent.

What is the agency responsible for the regulation and enforcement?
EPA (Environmental Protective Agency)


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