The Lacey Act Of 1900

Basic Facts:

Draft Year: 1900
Amended: November 16, 1981, 1984, 1988, and May 22, 2008
Legislation: National


Impact of Lacey Act of 1900:

Thanks to the Lacey Act, it is now unlawful to import or export any plant or plant product without a declaration at the time of importation that stipulates the five important sources of detail. By plant product this includes the seeds, roots, and other parts of the plant thereof. This also means that products such as computers, television, or other appliances shipped within countries that contain these plant products are subject to the Lacey Act. Despite being the nation's oldest wildlife protection statute, the Lacey does not receive much attention from the general public.


Basically, it prohibits the illegal interstate or global sale, possession, trafficking, purchasing, smuggling, and transportation of plant or animal wildlife. There can be small penalties and punishments for offenders and even more so for conspirators. These are the aforementioned five important details covered by the Lacey Act:

~ The scientific name of the plant or plant product (ex: genus, species, etc.)
~ The value of this material

~ The quantity of this material
~ The name of the country from which the plant or plant product was harvested (not necessarily the origin)
~ The average percentage of recycled material in the product (if applicable)

Local wildlife enforcement in Raptor Camp, Malta stand watch for illegal hunters and traders.

Why was the law needed and what does the law do:

The law was needed because at the turn of the century, illegal hunting threatened many species in the United States. The law prohibits the transportation of illegal captures or prohibits animals across state lines.

What is the agency/group responsible for regulation and enforcement:

The Secretary of Transportation, The Secretary of the Treasury, and The Department of Interior all take part in the protection of the Lacey Law.



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