Name: The Toxic Substance Control Act
Year: 1976
Amendment Years of the law or treaty:
Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) was passed on October 22, 1986. This amendment provides federal regulations requiring periodic asbestos inspections and re-inspections and the necessary response actions in schools. This Act also requires the EPA Administrator to determine the extent of danger to human health posed my asbestos in public and commercial buildings. If they determine that it is dangerous they have the means to respond to the dangers. - Radon Reduction Act was passed in October 1988. This amendment helps states to respond to human health that may be in threat of exposure to radon. - Lead Based Paint Exposure became an amendment in October 1992. This was passed to reduce environment exposure to lead contamination. As well as prevent health effects caused by it.
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Type of Legislation
- This is a national piece of legislation

Why was the law needed and what does the law do?
The law was passed in 1976 and regulates the introduction of new or already existing chemicals. Chemicals are screened and tested for their potential environmental or human-health hazards. It also tracks and tests new chemicals that are produced. It was needed to regulate PCBs, asbestos, radon and lead-based paint.

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How has the legislation positively impacted the health of our planet?
The EPA can track 75,000 toxic chemicals that are produced in and outside the US. The EPA runs tests on these chemicals to test them for ther toxicity and their effect on human health and environmental health.
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What is the agency/group responsible for regulation and enforcement
The EPA is responsible for regulated and enforcement, they hold the right to ban or limit any substance they feel necessary. Before releasing a new substance, TSCA manufacturers most notify and give test data to the EPA 90 days prior. An ITC or Interagency Testing Committee was established by the TSCA to help the EPA determine the chemicals needed most. The EPA can only test and regulate products that are on the market.

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